Monday, February 06, 2006

Last Tide Of The Roaring Stampede

-I can't see many flowers...

-Throw these...

Forget Revenge, that's what he said, everything goes if you read me in regret, Understand,

If Tao's spin on a map of the world, know in your heart you find white, learn that your body cannot always follow your soul, make it one,

If you need to guard yourself, throw this continuation of Love,

The Army is defunct...

The Army, the Army,

When all things join, this war will end in your mind,

Three, free, free things,

As you say 'things' are words,

Words are ever flowing, you would stand for days in the street unmoving but flowing,

Begin, your letter, your parts are scattered,

Army, please, find forgiveness.

-Inspired, I remember the stampede, Inspired I remember the stampede. History is on my back.


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